Grains of sand in the desert

By clickingthoughts

March 9, 2009

Category: Abstract, Bokeh, Colors, Nature, Travel

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Relax. Sit back. Enjoy.

Thats motto for any fourth year these days except of course for dual degrees,  fondly called “dullus”.  And the worst thing is that I am not even doing what I love the most. My camera always remains at  a safe distance from me . I have a few ideas but its so lazy these days that I just dont feel like going out there and doing anything. BTW the weather is just horrible these days and frequent power cuts in morning and evening only makes it worse. Though it forces all of us to come out of our dens and gives an opportunity to spend some time with our soon-to-be-parting-friends.

Lets just soak in the glory of  last few months that are left  in the college. After that we will be forgotten grains of sand in the desert of time.