Save Water

I was planning to do some theme photography for quite some time now and then I saw a tap leaking in my bathroom. After a little post processing the image came out good.

And through this I want to say that whenever or where ever you see a tap leaking or left open please make it a point to close it and do the needful, like complaining to authorities to get it fixed.


21 Responses to “Save Water”

  1. Mannnn.. this looks amaazing!!! GG

  2. nice message thru an awesome pic šŸ™‚ … keep up man !!!!!

  3. nice theme selected man !! keep up the good work !!

  4. Great pic, great post and great message!

  5. Nal mein jang lagi hui hai.

  6. Vaise why don’t you also start a series ala campuscomics? campuspics or something, maybe?

  7. @all thanx
    @aniket as always very good idea, will have to think about it, i think i have enough resources to start that

  8. ohh man!! the photo is just awesome šŸ˜

  9. katal, iinnovative, subhanallah

  10. good one! this has that sepia touch in it, and tagged with right message, keep up the work! šŸ™‚

  11. btw, I liked the tag line.. “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” true!

  12. […] this summer vacation I wanted to buy a digicam but wasn’t motivated enough to grab one. But a few guyz and gals have finally motivated me enough to begin my hunt for the digital […]

  13. The effect of the shot is brilliant!

  14. The picture would be complete only if you took the responsibility to get the tap repaired or tighten its nose. And I’m sure you would have done it. Keep up the good work photography club. I’m loving it.

  15. Nice message . I think i will also start photography, looks cool :D. I think you should check out d pics in google screensaver, uber pics.

  16. Man!!!! you seriously clicked the right point ….

  17. now this is real good.

    looks like the light source is directly above. Just use a white card sheet to reflect some light and you cud have got more details in the left part of the image too.

  18. @all: thanks for the appreciation and comments šŸ™‚
    @sanyam: great deduction, and thanks for the comment will keep this thing in mind from now on

  19. itne saare comment ..le maine bhi diya .. !! [:D]
    btw .just Awesome ..

  20. @ atul: thank u captain šŸ˜›

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