Water Diamonds

By clickingthoughts

January 23, 2009

Category: Colors, IPC, Nature, Rain


I shot it with a DSLR sometime back in the last semester. I could have done better, as you can see very clearly that the focus is not very precise. The drops are a bit blurred but I love it. The drops are completely round and if I had focused better you would be able to see the reflections in the drop as well.

These days I haven’t been upto many things but photography. I have so many themes to cover but being a lazy ass I am only involved in endless BC sessions. And given that I am not placed yet, it seems to affect each and every thing that I do. I have no idea what the future has in store for me. People say, everythings happens for a reason and thats the only thing that helps me cope with my situations. And there are my friends, of course. They have been very supportive which is why they are friends otherwise I would be kicking their asses.

Its getting late now and I am getting very sleepy but somehow I dont want to go to bed. But I have to.

c ya



3 Responses to “Water Diamonds”

  1. You really are a gem. don’t worry you’ll get through this [:)]…

    awesome work of art [:)]

  2. Awesome photo and the slight haziness makes the pic even better.

  3. I remember this one .. that was my first time … neways nice shot .. and best of luck 🙂

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